Namık Kemal ERGANİ 

Namık Kemal Ergani was born in Merzifon on September 30, 1956. He was educated at Merzifon High School and graduated from the University of Ankara Faculty of Political Sciences. He had post-graduate diploma from Europa Instıtuut of the University of Amsterdam in 1989 and received degree of LLM from King’s College London in 1993. He assumed the positions as civil servant in the Turkish Aircraft Industry Inc and member at Adana Administrative Court. He was appointed as judge rapporteur to Council of State on January 31, 1995 and elected as a member on June 12, 2008 to the Council of State. He got trained in European Court of Human Rights and in the Directorate of Legal Affairs of Council of Europe. He participated in the programs of Training of Trainers (EIPA) and MATRA as a member of Turkish delegation and attended to the meetings on EU negotiation process. He was elected as a deputy judge to the Administrative Court of European Council on April 1, 2000 and reelected for the same position on April 8, 2003; April 20, 2006 and April 1, 2009.He made translations of the books titled “The Ombudsman of Denmark” and “The Administration and You” and took part in the translations of general reports titled “Execution of Decisions of Administrative Justice” and “The Status of Administrative Judges.” He wrote an article on “European Council and Human Rights” and presented several reports in national and international conferences. Mr. Ergani can speak English and is married with two children.