Abdurrahman GENÇBAY 


Abdurrahman GENÇBAY was born in Trabzon, Sürmene on July 10, 1967. He studied at Trabzon Affan Kitapçıoğlu High School, graduated from Gazi University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Science, Public Administration Department in 1987 and studied law at the Anadolu University, Faculty of Law in 2004. He post-graduated from Institute of Social Science Public Administration Department at Sakarya University on the topic of “Administrative Tutelage on the Municipalities and Arising Problems”. He assumed the position at Halkbank Turkish Joint Stock Company as contracted personnel for a short period of time. In the administrative jurisdiction he firstly appointed as member at the Sakarya tax court and then respectively at Ankara and Konya Tax Courts. He was appointed as Rapporteur Judge on February 1, 2001, as Prosecutor on December 30, 2008 and as Senior Rapporteur Judge on February 11, 2010 to the Turkish Council of State. Mr.GENÇBAY who was elected as Member on December 25, 2014, as for 4th April 2016 was assigned to the General Secretary of Council of State. Mr. GENÇBAY can speak French, is married and has two children.