Mahmut VURAL 


He was born in Osmaniye on February, 01, 1962. He was educated at Nevşehir Religious Vocational High School and graduated from Ankara Faculty of Political Sciences on 1984. He assumed the position as Junior Accountant, Account Expert, Senior Accountant, Chief Department of Directorate General of Revenues, Deputy Directorate General of Revenues, Head of Account Experts Board and Advisor to the Minister at Ministry of Finance. While he performed these duties, he also assumed as Member of Fund and Bail Board at Ministry of Finance. He was appointed to conduct a professional review for one year in England and accomplished the programme themed “Tax Analysis and Estimation of Tax Revenues” on the frame International Tax Programme in Harvard University, USA. He was elected as a Member of Council of State by President in March 03, 2011. He was published a book titled “VAT for Implementers”, “Refund Guide for Value Added Tax”, “Explanation and Explication Property Tax Law and Environmental Cleaning Tax” and a book prepared as a result of cooperative study titled “Inflation Adjustment For Taxes”. He has a several articles published in various journals and a scientific report on “Explications of Pre-Tax in Turkey, the Place of Pre-Tax in our Tax Law and Effects on General Economy”. Mr. VURAL was elected as Vice-President on September 25, 2017. He can speak English and French and is married with two kids.