Cevdet ERKAN 

He was born in Trabzon, Vakfıkebir on January 15, 1967. He was graduated from Vakfıkebir İmam Hatip High School and from Istanbul University Faculty of Political Sciences in 1988. He received his master’s degree from the Department of Public Administration at the Faculty of Political Sciences at Istanbul University with his dissertation titled "The Results of the Administrative Judicial Decisions". He served as a member of Trabzon, Van, Zonguldak and Samsun Administrative Courts, as the president of Erzurum and Samsun Administrative Courts and as the president of Kayseri Regional Administrative Court. ERKAN, who was elected as a member of Council of State on December 12, 2014 and appointed as Secretary General on February, 11 2019, speaks French and Arabic. ERKAN is married with three children.